Version of the land bill for voting

Deputies presented the final version of the land bill before the vote in the Verkhovna Rada No. 2178-10. About it reports

The Agrarian Committee approved the bill as amended:

1) to acquire the right of ownership of agricultural land may:
– citizens of Ukraine;
– legal entities of Ukraine, created and registered under the legislation of Ukraine, whose members are only citizens of Ukraine and / or the state or territorial communities;
– territorial communities;
– state.

2) banks and credit institutions may acquire ownership of land plots in the order of foreclosure on them as collateral. Such land must be alienated by banks and credit institutions at auction within 2 years from the date of acquisition of ownership.

3) legal entities whose founders or ultimate beneficiaries are persons who do not have the citizenship of Ukraine, may acquire ownership of agricultural land from the date and subject to approval in a referendum.

4) It is generally forbidden to own land (even if foreigners are approved in a referendum):
–    legal entities, participants or beneficiaries of which are foreigners – on state and communal property, as well as – on land allocated to unit-holders and located within 50 km from the state border of Ukraine (except for the state border passing by sea);
–    legal entities, participants or final beneficiaries of which are citizens of the Russian Federation.
–    persons, who belonged to or belonging to terrorist organizations;
–    legal entities, participants or beneficiaries of which are foreign countries;
–    legal entities where it is impossible to identify the final beneficiary;
–    legal entities whose beneficiaries are registered in offshore areas;
–    natural and legal persons subject to sanctions;
–    legal entities registered in the countries included in the list of those who do not cooperate in the field of combating money laundering.

5) Limits of land concentration – the total area of ​​agricultural land owned by a citizen may not exceed 10 thousand hectares.

6) Land owned by legal entity (except for banks and credit institutions) may not exceed the total area of ​​land, which may be owned by all its participants, but not more than 10 thousand hectares.

7) Settlements related to the payment of the price of land are made in a non-cash form.

8) Acquisition of ownership title based on contracts with consideration shall not be allowed in case of absence of documents confirming the sources of origin of the funds or other assets, which were used as a consideration for title acquisition.