Ministry of Agriculture wants to reduce VAT on agricultural products and will discuss it with the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food wants to reduce the VAT on agricultural products. This issue will be discussed with the Ministry of Finance. Head of the Ministry of Finance Roman Leshchenko stated in his interview to “Slovo ta dilo”.


“We consider it correct to reduce the VAT rate to 14% for the entire group of agricultural commodities. But our position is at odds with that of the Ministry of Finance, which believes that, on the contrary, it is necessary to raise the VAT and return the rate of 20%. And, in our opinion, we have just started this experiment, and we are already seeing the results of de-shadowing. “Skrutky” (an understatement of income) are no longer so interesting because the VAT rate has been reduced. Accordingly, these deductions do not earn as much in the balance, Leshchenko said.


This year, the minister said, it is necessary to adopt a law on domestic trade and regulate the activities of retail chains, because their margins on certain groups of goods go beyond market pricing. Poland and Germany have passed similar laws recently.


Therefore, it is necessary to balance the issue of domestic trade, and target inflation by balancing the VAT rate, especially for socially significant goods. We cannot allow the situation with oil, when Ukrainian-made oil in Poland was 10% cheaper than in Ukraine. It was a completely understandable situation, due to which the state tried to balance pricing by administrative methods by introducing appropriate quotas and export bans,” he said.


However, in the opinion of the ministry, this way is wrong. According to Leshchenko, the optimal formula is to reduce the VAT rate for the entire group of agricultural commodities.


The Ministry of Finance must show its calculations. To substantively discuss this topic, it is necessary to conduct an appropriate analysis of the three-month functioning of the VAT rate: what the state has lost, what has gained, what was the de-shadowing, and so on. When there is analytics, then there is a matter for discussion. We will discuss this issue with the Ministry of Finance shortly.” added the Head of the Ministry of Agriculture.


Мінагрополітики хоче знизити ПДВ на сільгосптовари і буде обговорювати це з Мінфіном

Міністерство аграрної політики і продовольства хоче знизити ставку податку на додану вартість для сільськогосподарських товарів. Це питання буде обговорюватися з Міністерством фінансів. Про це голова відомства Роман Лещенко заявив в інтерв’ю “Слово і діло”. “Ми вважаємо правильним зниження ставки ПДВ до 14% для цілої групи сільськогосподарських товарів.